CrossFit Westchester

Bring a Friend Day.

Partner Workout
Bring one or two or many of your friends to workout with you today. It’s free for them and fun for you ;-). We hope to s…

CrossFit Westchester

Paleo Challenge – The Olympian WOD

The Olympian
Now we’re going into the second workout of phase one. This one looks like a lot of fun, I mean who doesn’t love to throw we…

CrossFit Westchester

Paleo Challenge Capacity Test

Paleo Challenge WOD 1
The first workout of phase one is a capacity test. It’s requires the athlete to go for as many reps as they can in…

CrossFit Westchester

Some Reminders.

Hey Bravo Athletes,
In order to keep everyone safe, I’ve decided not to add the 1RM Front Squat for today. I want everyone to feel 100% …

CrossFit Westchester

What a Day!

Saying that yesterday was a great day is an understatement, it was an amazing day. Personals records were broken in every class and new r…

CrossFit Westchester

We pick things up and put them down

I hope everyone got a good night sleep and did plenty of foam rolling . Today is the day of the 1 rep max Deadlift. It’s always a good da…

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