Bravo Workouts!

More Classes!
Our morning “Bravo Workouts” classes have become very popular. Since our priority is to give the best coaching possible, w…

Monday 1/25

Yeah I’m one of those who loves snow. Even though shoveling is no fun, you simply need to be prepared and it can make that daunting task …

Saturday 1/23

Weather Update 
Classes are canceled for Saturday Morning. Stay safe everyone.

Monday 1/18

Should I compete in the CrossFit Open?
Those of you who competed last year are probably starting to get a bit nervous, those of you who …

Monday 1/11

This week is going to be pretty tough, get plenty of sleep every night, fuel your body to prepare you for the workload and let’s not forg…

Friday 1/8

7 Steps for Making and Keeping Your Resolutions
1. Just pick one thing
If you want to change your life or your lifestyle don’t try to c…

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