Tuesday 5/2

Physician: “He’s basically cured his diabetes”

Days before Pete Katz’s visits to his primary-care physician, he…

Friday 2/17

Local Nebraska news outlet gets it right
Norfolk Daily News explains why CrossFit is for everyone.
“Every exercise in CrossFit can be m…

Wednesday 1/11/17

New Year Get-together 
Let’s start 2017 by getting together for some yummy food and drinks. The date is Friday January 27th at 7pm. We’r…

Thursday 10/20

Thursday 10/20

A. Front Squat
Work up to a Heavy 3 rep

B. 4 RFT
7 Clusters, 135/95
14 Chin-ups
28 sec Plank…

Tuesday 10/18

Tuesday 10/18

A. For 10 minutes play around the same way you used to when you were a kid at the playground. Roll a…

Tuesday 9/27

Tuesday 9/27

A. 5 RFT
Row 500m
10 Ring rows, feet on box
15 Push-ups
20 Walking lunges

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