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Free Nutrition Seminar
Join us this Saturday and learn about nutrition and how to properly fuel your body to achieve maximum results. We…

Nutriton Seminar

Fuel Your Body
This Saturday we are hosting a FREE Nutrition Seminar led by Superiior Fitness. As athletes we don’t diet and exercise, w…

You don’t want the easy button

Don’t hit the easy button 
by Lisbeth Darsh

We all know about the “Easy Button.” We’ve seen it on TV: that ad with the big red button…

Handstand Stuff


==LEVEL 3==
A. Handstand Skill work
Walk, Balance, Wall runs, Shoulder taps.

B. 10 min AMRAP…

Fuel Your Body

Nutrition Seminar by Superiior Fitness
This awesome FREE seminar that caters to the inner athlete in all of us who want to explore more …

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

The Jump Rope clinic was great. Terry from Rx Smart Gear made it super fun. Everyone had a great time. If there’s one thing that we shoul…

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