Tuesday 7/26

Ever wondered why gymnasts are so good at what they do?. It’s because they have some great habits that complements the sport. …

Monday 7/25

10 Nutrition Myths Debunked 
Despite advancements in nutrition research, many people are still clinging to old, outdated ideas. Are you …

Wednesday 7/20

When I was introduced to CrossFit 10 years ago it immediately caught my attention. I began to read everything I could about it…

Tuesday 7/19

Lost and Found
We want to keep the lockers area and the gym looking nice and neat so, we now have a lost and found bin next to the bay d…

Monday 7/18

Your Liver and Kidneys
Dr. Mike Israetel explains how to actually help the body naturally detoxify itself. Take 5 minutes to watch the v…

Friday 7/15

Health and Fitness
The reason why people are always so confused about fitness is because there’s too much misinformation out there. They…

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